love the prophet, because he loves the sinner.
love the sinner, because he is you.

a quick update: i’m sick, and i’ve been sitting home all day playing mass effect since monday (wow i’m sure no one noticed), and i might have forgotten to read tumblr and queue posts might have also forgotten to eat or to take my meds and that is probably why i’m still this sick

anyway, i swear will eventually get back to posting (i’m already reading what i missed), but that will take some time, so i won’t actually queue posts until around tomorrow, and i probably will be as active as i am now until i finish me3 and stop crying after that, so, i’m really sorry for that. sorry.

anyway, thanks for your patience! i swear i will start posting anything other than my dumb text posts as soon as i can!

oh my god mordin just gave me the talk

delsinrowed replied to your post “please tell me how crazy was i when i decided to romance thane”

very crazy. ow my heart.

i think i was incredibly crazy at the moment. especially considering that it was my after i played the trilogy once.

ow my heart indeed.

please tell me how crazy was i when i decided to romance thane

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do you ever remember something bad and just start laughing but all you feel is ‘no’

ah, yes, “reapers”

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i love mass effect so much :’)

please tell i’m at least getting a cookie for surviving virmire for the second time

what the fucking fuck

in mass effect, pluto is a planet :’)

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ahahaha i don’t want virmire


Hi!! If I can have your guy’s attention for a couple moments!

My name’s Delia, or Cordelia, and I’m a 17-year-old, Aromantic, Transgender Female and I have a somewhat shaky homelife. I live with my physical and emotionally abusive mother, her emotional abusive fiance and his seven kids (though they don’t all live here at once). As the oldest child in the house (at 17 currently though I’ll be 18 starting the 5th of October, 2014), I’ve been pressured multiple times to move out and start my own life, which hasn’t gone great so far.

My mother is currently diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney disease and is currently on medication for it, which makes her snap a lot and get very easy. She currently takes out most of her anger on me, and it’s gotten worse over the years. It started out as simple things - such as spankings - and has escalated to beating me until I have bruised sometimes. She has albeit helped me through my transition, she has held it against me for years such as saying “I’ve helped you get this far and you treat me like this?” to “You are such a shit, I wish I never gave birth to you”. Her comments have made me contemplate suicide multiple times and due to some of her other negative comments are possible the basis for my eating disorder/anxiety/depression (though I’m not 100% positive). My mother’s fiance isn’t much better either and takes her side/blames me for almost everything that goes on and currently blasts his transphobic, homophobic, misogynistic comments all the time which currently threatens me (and he does know about my gender though not my sexual orientation). He makes offhanded comments all the time about it and sometimes blatantly refuses to call me Delia often calling me “brunette” “child” etc, and refuses to identify me as a girl, often calling me it or heshe. And due to this, his children have started to continue this trend.

Due to this, I have decided to move out, though it’s very hard to current do so as I am an unemployed college student who has practically no money. The only money I have of currently is birthday funds which I cannot use to put forward to a moving fund as they are all in giftcards. I have no job/no car/no funds/no money so far which makes it very hard to move out, though when I turn 18 a friend of a friend has stated he has a job for me which I am going to apply to.

And I desperately need your guy’s help. I have started a donation button on my blog (and it has a link to this post under it) where I am currently raising money so I can move out and I am mainly using it to raise funds for two things.

First off, I need a car because I currently rely on my parents/public transportation to get me where I need to go (because everything is too far to walk to). Also I plan to move away when I get the money (possibly out of state) which requires transportation. Second off, I need money for a place to stay. I have to start off on my own (due to most of my friends being younger than me, I feel awkward asking them to house me) which would require me to rent my own apartment, buy food, pay utilities, etc all on my own. Where I currently live is sort of pricey and the average for a one bedroom apartment is ~$400 dollars.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you all have a great day.

- Delia 


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