I find it sad that the name of the inn in Davenport, The Mile’s End, is a huge hint at Desmond’s demise.

The City of Chains

One that links to dark space. When the Citadel relay is activated, the Reapers will pour through. And all you know will be destroyed.


dragon age origins/awakening + classes


xenophilia: an attraction to foreign peoples, cultures, or customs

Mass Effect Color MemeRed

make me choosemahariels asked carver or bethany?


anon + Varric Tethras or Zevran Arainai

make me chooseozoi asked leliana or morrigan?

That’s a very practical attitude.

Uncle Curnow! I hope you find this! I’m devastated. The girl I’ve been caring for is gone. Emily is her name. Yes, that Emily. Daughter to the Empress. She’s gone - they took her away in a boat this morning. I don’t know where, and her hair hadn’t been combed. I worry, who will look after her? I didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye.


Leliana from the DA:O trailer, one more time for dalisharcher.

the world needs order;

one day, i will make a post of all incredible dialogue options in origins and no one will stop me

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