hero of ferelden at its finest

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Ask me my “TOP 5” anything!

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why did i look up anders and merril’s dialogue about mahariel did i not need a heart or what

"The square root of 906.01 equals…" "30.1"

come ride with me,
through the veins of history


loyalty part 1


Maybe there’s someone inside…

Title: UnknownConquest of Spaces
Artist: UnknownWoodkid
Album: UnknownThe Golden Age
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conquest of spaces // woodkid

beyond the laws of density
towers of glass and steel
temples and fragments of memories
drifting away from me

bioshock infinite [concept art] - elizabeth

assassin’s creed favorite concept art series;

Title: Unknownoh no big templar man
Artist: Unknown
Album: Unknown
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pls listen


for lizzystride​